RIXC « Open Fields » Conference @ Riga • november 2016

Aliens in Green at RIXC Art Science Festival in Riga (Lv), « Open Fields » conference 2016.

Flickr of the opening

Participants :

Ewen Chardronnet, Bureau d’études, Spela Petric.


Aliens in Green:
a tactical theatre to investigate xeno-powers and xeno-solidarities, recombinant commons and the post-anthropocentric crisis of the self

– tools for navigating complexity / datavizualisation of xeno-powers
– a living theatre where Aliens in Green abduct humans to investigate thier bodies and souls
– DiYbio protocoles & speculative playgrounds

Chapter #1: hormones, xeno-hormones, endocrine disruption and biosemiotics

Understanding the heterogeneity of the xenopolitics of the anthropocene

Obvious need of a tool for navigating constantly changing complexity of xeno-power and the unstoppable nature & ecology of fear of alien capitalism

Mission: creating an online tool of controversies cartography, a dataviz tool to produce narratives out of complex issues and reach citizen science & popular education.

The dominant anti-toxics discourse deployed in mainstream environmentalism often adopts and relies upon the rhetoric of toxic pollution as undermining the « natural »: natural biologies/ecologies, natural bodies, natural and/or morally determined reproductive processes.

This version of an unexamined environmental alarm appeals to cultural fears of exposure to chemical and endocrine disrupting toxins as troubling and de-stabilizing the normal/natural gendered body of humans and other animal species leading to what some have called the « chemical castration » or the « feminization » of nature.

This version of anti-toxics environmentalism, while professing and acting on behalf of laudable and progressive goals, mobilizes the knowledge/power politics of « normalcy » and reinforces what queer and disability theorists have analyzed as a compulsory social-environmental order based on a dominant regime of what and who are constructed as normal/natural.

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