Xenopolitics #1: Installation @ Transmediale – Berlin 2017

Aliens in Green presented « Xenopolitics #1: Petro-Bodies and Geopolitics of Hormones » installation at « Alien Matter » exhibition, curated by Inke Arns.

Transmediale 2017, Haus der Kulture der Welt, 03.02.–05.03.2017

Introduction by Inke Arns

Activation february 3d 2017, during Transmediale 2017 festival, « Ever Elusive » edition

Participants: Bureau d’études, Ewen Chardronnet, Mary Maggic, Špela Petrič

Exposure to synthetic chemicals interferes with human and nonhuman hormonal systems. Despite all the warnings about the toxic impacts of these endocrine disruptors, the lobbying of the petro-chemical, agricultural, and pharmaceutical industries continue to influence regulatory institutions. These actors can be viewed as xeno-powers that both regulate and pollute our bodies and environment. At the same time, terms like “abnormal” or “disruptor” are at the center of most environmental and critical discourses, focusing the main arguments on sex-panic, gender ambiguity, and threats to reproductive futurism. These arguments reinforce a politics of purity that reflects our prescribed eco-hetero-normative value system. What is “normal” and “natural”? Do queers and our alien kin have no future in our increasingly toxic landscape? The Aliens in Green want to generate “a crisis of the body” that leads to non-prescriptive subjectivities, offering a kind of alien resilience called xeno-solidarity.

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