Xenopolitics #1 @ Open Source Body festival – Paris 2018

Aliens in Green workshop @ Open Source Body festival – January 22-27, 2018 – La Paillasse & Gaîté Lyrique, Paris

Mentor: Xavier Fourt (Bureau d’études)

Can the ultra-portability of new technologies make healthcare more accessible? As an international movement, Open Science Hardware gives everyone access to medical equipment and tools for research and analysis. It also develops tools and prototypes to make it easier to customize and recycle health equipment. The Makery medialab has invited artists, scientists, healthcare professionals and designers to present and discuss issues regarding DIYbio and open hardware for healthcare. A weeklong festival of workshops, conferences, demos and performances.

Open Source Body is part of the program of the Journées nationales de l’innovation en santé 2018.

Aliens in Green workshop:

Workshop part 1: designing a serious game on the politics of toxicities, agro-, pharma- and petrobodies. A biopolitics of endocrine disruptors involving all the human and non human actors working in the global endocrine cycle : molecules, products, semiotics flux, transnational companies, institutional regulations, food we love to eat and toxic we collect, etc.

Workshop part 2: Aliens in Green is searching for people—specialists and non-specialists, aware or not aware of their own relationship with everyday toxicities and particularly endocrine disruptors—to record interviews.