Catégorie : Residencies

Aliens in Green are invited for an online residency by Espace Virtuel of the Jeu de Paume in the context of FUTURS NON-CONFORMES #3.
An exhibition curated by Nicolas Maigret and Maria Roszkowska, artists
May 2017 – October 2017

NONCOMPLIANT FUTURES ventures the hypothesis that a form of ‘propaganda of innovation’ exists and that this propaganda has become, in turn, the focal point for a series of artistic counterstrategies which are critical, experimental and speculative in nature.

Aliens in Green was invited by Champ des Possibles for a week residency as a founding act of the project.

 Participants :

Ewen Chardronnet, Bureau d’études, Spela Petric, Robertina Sebjanic, Carole Thibaud, Benjamin Cadon (association Labomedia, Orléans), Julien Bellanger (association Ping, Nantes), Isabelle Carlier, Mathieu Simon, Julien pothier (association Bandits-Mages).

Objective :

Founding residency of the group. Enonciating the basic conceptual matrix of the group. This session has drawn the founding narratives, discources, visuals, forms and conventions framing the collective artistic project.

Résidence fondationnelle du groupe. Énonciation de la matrice conceptuelle de base du collectif. Cette session a esquissé les fondamentaux narratifs, discursifs, visuels, formels et conventionnels encadrant le projet artistique collectif.