LibViz: Data Visualization of Endocrine Disruptors Controversy

Data visualization of a Zotero database of scientific articles, press, etc. on endocrine disruptors and their world: data search and structuring by Aliens in Green. Visualization in D3JS (developed by Julien Paris as part of the Aliens in Green project).

Full screen at the the following url: LIBVIZ


Database ENDOCRINE DISRUPTION shows -substances- disrupting endocrinian system in human (males and females) and also in non humans, with their -biological effects- and -societal effects- on them. It shows -controversial organisations- producing endocrine disruptors and -antagonist organisations- which struggle against them.
Through the database it is possible to watch a large set of -scientific articles- in order to evaluate ways of action of endocrine disruptors. Pathways to investigate the different sets of datas, their structure and relationships : a – Recognizing the tags ? Please click in LEGEND . See the different COLORS of each tag, and learn to make distinction. b – Hierarchising the tags ? Please click the tag SUBSTANCE + RADIAL. You see a circle with the different substances indexed in the database You can add all the BIOLOGICAL AND SOCIETAL EFFECTS directly connected with these SUBSTANCES. And, when you have watched different nodes associating substances and effects, to connect them to organisations which produces substances, and organisation which produce conflicts with the controversial organisations and uses.

The first moment of the project was the indexation of scientific articles related to hormones and specifically xeno-hormones and endocrine disruptors in a Zotero data base. From this scientific corpus it was possible to create a matrix of potential inquiries interconnecting substances, biological and societal effects, organisations and scandals related to the diffusion and effects of substances on humans and non humans organisms. This dataviz is a tool for the conception of argumentations and narratives relative to endocrine disruptors but also the power and interests related to them.

The different persons involved in the collective group Aliens in green, mostly the artist group Bureau d’etudes and the writer Ewen Chardronnet, have contributed to collect datas and to put them in the Zotero database. The support of Ping and specially Julien Bellanger, the support of Labomedia and mostly Benjamin Cadon give us the understanding of the tools than we decide to use for this project : the use of Zotero database and the transcription in a D3JS visualisation. The work of transcription from Zotero to D3JS, the machinery and the graphic design of the dataviz is produced by Julien Paris.

Contact dataviz : \Contact Aliens in Green :, \Administrative support: association Champ des possibles, 03210 Saint Menoux (France) \This project was supported by the Aide au développement of the CNC-Dicream