Étiquette : endocrine disruptors

Exposure to synthetic chemicals interferes with human and nonhuman hormonal systems. Despite all the warnings about the toxic impacts of these endocrine disruptors, the lobbying of the petro-chemical, agricultural, and pharmaceutical industries continue to influence regulatory institutions.

Aliens in Green at RIXC Art Science Festival in Riga (Lv), « Open Fields » conference 2016.

Flickr of the opening

Participants :

Ewen Chardronnet, Bureau d’études, Spela Petric.


Aliens in Green:
a tactical theatre to investigate xeno-powers and xeno-solidarities, recombinant commons and the post-anthropocentric crisis of the self

– tools for navigating complexity / datavizualisation of xeno-powers
– a living theatre where Aliens in Green abduct humans to investigate thier bodies and souls
– DiYbio protocoles & speculative playgrounds